If you want to increase revenue from wine sales, you are probably better off training your staff first.

In fact, studies show that for every $ invested in wine training for staff in a restaurant the gains can be as high as $14! That is an incredible return on investment of 1/14! Not to mention the increased customer satisfaction that comes from servers feeling confident about recommending wines that actually compliment your dishes and being able to sell more expensive wines because they now feel that they have the knowledge to do so! Restaurants are constantly looking for ways to stay ahead of competition and a serious wine program is also a great way to create a unique identity for your restaurant, café or wine bar. 

I can help you create a wine program that suits your customers and your type of activity. That includes training your staff so that both their knowledge of wine, wine service and their wine sales skills match your goals and help increase revenue from wine sales.


How does it work? After assessing your training needs and goals I create a tailor-made training program.  Usually this will include general knowledge of wine regions, wine styles, wine tasting technique and food and wine matching but also how to create a selling wine list, wine service and practical wine sales training. Anything can and will be included as long as it is useful and can help grow your revenue from wine sales!


Where and how? Either in your establishment or in a rented facility, depending on your needs. The advantage of training in the workplace is that your staff will be using the same equipment and wine selection that they work with every day. I usually try to work with groups of no more than 10 participants at a time, so everybody gets the most out of the trainings and as much hands-on time as possible. I include as much active learning as possible - learning by doing rather than passive listening.


How much time does it take? This really depends on your needs. A simple wine and food matching workshop can take as little as 3 hours (during the afternoon break for instance), a longer and more complete program including wine knowledge, service and wine sales skills can take up to a week or longer. It all depends on your needs and the time available, I am flexible and will adapt to your schedule. 

Financially speaking, please note that I have a registered trainer agreement number through my umbrella company, ABC Portage. This means that you and your staff can use your allocated company training funds (the Compte Personnel de Formation, CPF) in order to finance the trainings, as well as getting full or partial financing from the OPCA.


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