The London-based Wine and Spirits Education Trust  is the largest provider of wine and spirits education in the world. ( Courses are held in more than 60 locations worldwide and have been translated in 17 different languages. Ever since the start in 1969 the WSET courses have become the worldwide reference in terms of wine and spirits education for the wine trade and for the hospitality sector.  The WSET's advantages are multiple; a standardized program recognized by employers worldwide and a short course structure that is perfectly suited to students with a busy work schedule.

The system is built upon four levels, of which I can provide you the two first ones.


The WSET courses are available to anyone with an interest in wine. Classes are intense, fun and interactive and you will learn not only about the great wine regions of the world but also get a comprehensive approach  to wine tasting that gets more and more detailed as you move up through the course levels.


WSET Level 1 Award in Wine Service

This is a one day foundation course, including both theory and wine tasting. You will acquire basic knowledge about important wine styles, grape varieties, wine service and storage as well as food and wine pairings. This is the perfect course for someone taking first job in hospitality or wine retail. The final exam is a multiple choice questionnaire consisting of 30 question. 


WSET Level 2 Award in Wines and Spirits

This is an intermediate level, three-day course that includes tasting a wider range of wines from around the world. You will be studying the wines and grape varieties of the classic wine regions of the world and get an understanding of the factors that influence their style and quality. 


Goals :

- Acquire basic competency in evaluating wines and spirits

- Be able to use these competencies in a restaurant or in a wine sales environment

- Be able to use wine tasting vocabulary and some technical wine vocabulary

The level 2 course is particularly useful for someone working in the industry and who wants to get a broader understanding of wines and spirits from around the world together with the English wine vocabulary. 

The final exam consists of a multiple-choice questionnaire of 50 questions, and you should expect a minimum of 15 to 20 hours of self study outside course hours to be able to pass.

 Course details :

- Viticulture and winemaking

- The factors influencing the style of wines

- The main grape varieties

- The main wine regions of the word

- Sparkling wines

- Fortified wines

- Liqueurs and spirits

- How to read a wine label

- Food and wine pairing

For who ?

For example: 

- A hospitality worker who wants to increase his knowledge about wines from all over the world in a fast and efficient way in order to increase wine sales in a restaurant,  or to take charge of a wine program.

- A wine trade professional who wishes to learn about wines from the whole world and learn the wine vocabulary in English.

- A carreer-changer who wants to learn about wine fast for a new job and does not want to go back to school for year-long viticulture degrees and the like.

- Wine lovers who want to increase their knowledge of wines from around the globe using an intense and structured approach to learning and tasting. 


The WSET courses take place at Butler Academy in the center of Paris.

For more information :


Tel: +33 (0)7 51 52 59 06